Photo by Jeff Kravitz

"Oh, Lorde!" Now two weeks since releasing her delectable "Homemade Dynamite" remix, Lorde on Thursday offered up a cover of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight."

She premiered her rendition this morning on BBC Radio 1's "Live Lounge" in addition to a performance of her own single "Green Light," from her recent sophomore album Melodrama.

Of course, Lorde's song choice isn't a coincidence. She explained earlier this month on Marc Maron's "WTF" podcast her affection for Collins.

"My favorite pop males are the guys that sound like a combination of your boyfriend and your dad. That’s Phil," she said at the time, calling Collins "pure pop." During her appearance today, she added: "It wasn’t 'til I was older that I realized how magical he was ... He’s such a pioneer, just his melodies and his drums, and I’m so inspired by him."

Listen to the full segment here, starting around the 2:11:00 mark, or see clips below.