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Before heading out on tour later this month, Lorde joined Marc Maron this week for his "WTF" podcast.

During the chat, Lorde talked about synesthesia's influence on her music. She also discussed some of her favorite music icons, such as Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon, while reserving affection for Phil Collins.

"My favorite pop males are the guys that sound like a combination of your boyfriend and your dad. That’s Phil," she said, adding that Collins is "pure pop." When Maron asks her if she's met him, the singer humbly suggests she's not worthy because she's just a "troll from New Zealand."

Listen to the podcast episode below or click here. Skip to 27:00 to hear Lorde discussing synesthesia and musical influence, while her Phil Collins comments (and a brief cover of his song "Take Me Home") can be heard around the 56:30 mark.