THEY., photo by Mark Peaced

THEY. is unstoppable right now.

As the duo of producer and songwriter Dante Jones and singer Drew Love continues their new chapter as an independent act, they've shared their tantalizing new single "Lonely," a collaboration with Bino Rideaux.

“‘Lonely’ has an upbeat, West Coast bounce to it, which is a vibe we’ve always loved but hadn’t really tapped into before," says THEY. of the new song. "It has this late-night, kick-back feel, making it the perfect record to cap off the summer. We actually started this track with Bino in mind and we linked with him about a week after we made the record. He instantly knew what to do with it and in about 30 minutes he had his verse done and we knew we had something special. The song sets the tone perfectly for what’s coming next from us.”

The new track comes as THEY. has been teasing a new project after recently veering away from the major label system and embarking on their own indie journey. The new music follows THEY.'s 2020 project The Amanda Tape.

Watch the video below.