Photo courtesy artist

At last, THEY. have released their new project The Amanda Tape.

The R&B duo, made up Drew Love and Dante Jones, have been teasing the new release (which hadn't really been billed as an official album) for months, with a handful of collaborations featuring Tinashe, Wale and Juicy J.

The pair also addresses the current societal climate on the song "On and On," which they said is about a relationship with a person but is also about a relationship with "the world around us."

"Things have changed so much, so rapidly and we must believe there’s hope that things will change for the better," said THEY. "From day one we’ve wanted to use our platform responsibly to shed light on issues that affect us. This song was an opportunity to keep the conversation going about police brutality and social injustices that have afflicted our community for years."

Hear the full project below.