Photo courtesy artist

Ry Cuming (aka RY X) is heading into the weekend with brand new music.

His radiant new single "Your Love" is out today along with the news we've been waiting for: he's releasing a new album called Blood Moon on June 17, with physical formats being released on Aug. 26. 

"'Your Love' was written about a connection carrying a breadth of intimacy and challenge as it swirled itself in repetition," says RY X. "A love with gravity that bled into the beauty and struggle of both, and one that wasn’t aligned to be. A cry of the heart in essence."

He adds: "It’s rare for me that a song almost writes itself, comes about into form all at once. This one did all in one afternoon. The production formed in the process of experimentation with drum machines and organic instruments and how they can blend together.”

RY X produced the new track, which he co-wrote with previous collaborator Frank Wiedemann. The new song follows his return last month with his haunting track "Let You Go."

See the wonderful choreographed video for "Your Love" now below.