RY X in 'Let You Go' video

Ry Cuming (aka RY X) is back with new music, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

The longtime Variance favorite over the weekend shared his beautiful, haunting new single "Let You Go," which arrives with an accompanying video shot along a beach in Iceland. As with so much of the Australian artist's music, the song is gripping and cinematic, in a way only he can seem to create. And apparently, it's the first of a new album, which is even more the reason for excitement.

"I made this whole album in my mountain home near the sea," says RY X. "Drenched in sun with salt on skin most days in my studio, windows open for the dripping sun or dripping rain. I poured and poured into it all. So many songs and uncoverings of my own being among it. I played every instrument on almost all of the songs, produced and engineered it all alone among our spinning world, often late at night after all beings were asleep. Finding ways to push my boundaries and continue to create from a place of deep authenticity and expansion."

As we previously mentioned, this isn't the only new music from RY X will soon hear, as he will also appear on Diplo's new self-titled album, which is out next month.

See the Benjamin Hardman-directed clip now.