Younger Hunger in 'Light Stream' video

Not a bad way to close out the week and the year, with new music from Younger Hunger.

The ongoing Variance favorites returned today with their new single "Light Stream," the first since their summer release of the Crying the Pit EP. And they've already got us hooked with the track, which is the band's first to arrive after being previewed for fans on the group's weekly All Talk podcast, where they share demoes and ideas while getting feedback and insight from listeners.

"I wrote and recorded 'Light Stream' in my home studio in L.A., says singer Tony Davia. "It was one of those lovely moments where I'd just finished another song that had taken me weeks. I hit export, jumped into the shower, and then this song in its entirety popped into my head. I whipped off the [faucet] and ran to my voice memo to make sure I didn't lose it. 

The Coco Frais-directed video, which the band's Becket Edwards says represents a feeling of defiance from the song itself, is also out today. Check it out below.