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Our favorite nine-piece outfit from Florida is back with new music.

seeyousoon has just released their new single "Fix Your Face." The searing new track is the latest from the rising collective, which has quickly become a Variance favorite, as they continue to tease album No. 2, which will be titled HZLIKHELL. It doesn't yet have a release date, but we'd imagine it's quickly approaching.

“Simply put, 'Fix Your Face' is a song about getting weird looks from people in public," the group says. "As a rather weird-looking group of people, we’re no strangers to this concept. It’s a feeling we wanted to harness and turn into something empowering. The next time you catch a weird glare just listen to the song and you’ll understand.” 

As is typical with seeyousoon's releases, the new song is accompanied by a new set of visuals. The clip for "Fix Your Face" is directed by CULT CLASSIC.

See the video for "Fix Your Face" below.