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Brooklyn-based singer Sam Koechlin (aka Sam Himself) continues to keep our attention as he gears up for his debut album.

The indie-rocker has shared a new single called "La Paz," an intense, melancholic offering accompanied by a fantastical green screened video which sees the singer "journey" by motorcycle through quite the scenic route. The song itself, meanwhile is bursting with Future Islands-level drama while Koechlin's voice brims with The War on Drugs-esque angst.

“During lockdown, my mind wandered a lot, looking for exits," says Koechlin. "I got really nostalgic for past travels and times when I could move freely wherever I wanted to go. Peru, for example. I took a road trip there a few years ago. One night, I was driving through the desert with about two fingers of water left in the car and the aftermath of some recent chemical calamity playing out in my bloodstream; I was exhausted but stopping by the side of the road didn’t really feel like an option, so I kept going."

He continues: "I’m pretty sure I was heading for the Bolivian border, and I remember staring at my GPS and thinking if I can just get to La Paz—the Bolivian city—I’ll be OK. (I can be a little melodramatic when I’m hungover.) I never made it there but La Paz nevertheless became a sort of mantra on that trip, a name for the light at the end of the tunnel. Probably not the most laid-back trip I ever took. Still, at the height of quarantine cabin fever last year, I would have given a lot to be back in that stuffy rental car in the desert, waiting for the sun to rise.”

As we previously mentioned, Sam Himself is expected to release his debut album Power Ballads, this October.

In the meantime, watch the video for "La Paz" below.