Stefan Tschumi

Brooklyn-based singer Sam Koechlin (aka Sam Himself) continues to keep us mesmerized, and his new single is further proof of exactly why.

Over the weekend, the Switzerland native shared his new song "Nothing Like the Night," and it's an instant favorite. Drenched in The-Cure-meets-Future-Islands vibes, this is the second preview of his upcoming debut album Power Ballads, which is out in October.

The song, like much of the upcoming album, is reflective of the uncertainty and trauma of the events of the last year. Koechlin had been touring in Europe as the pandemic shut down so much of the globe, leaving the singer unable to return back to New York. Instead, he remained in Switzerland and wrote and recorded most of the 10 tracks which would eventually form his album.

“My worst habits grew a lot stronger in the loneliness of the early pandemic," recalls Koechlin. "I felt pretty lost and uprooted, exiled without a witness to caution me against self-destructive behaviors that felt like coping mechanisms at the time. 'Nothing Like the Night' is about ways of escaping yourself and losing control when you suddenly have a perfect alibi for self-indulgence: the end of the world as you know it.”

The video for "Nothing Like the Night," directed by Sam Himself's longtime collaborator Stefan Tschumi, can be seen below.