joan in 'waiting on nothing' video

joan is back with new music.

It's the first Thursday of August, and as they've been doing for the last few months, the Arkansas duo has been releasing new music on the first Thursday of the month, as they'll continue doing through the end of the year.

Today's release is "waiting on nothing," a brooding yet hopeful new cut, which is from the upcoming bye EP. As we previously mentioned, they are releasing two EPs, hi and bye, later in the year. They will tell the beginning and the ending of a relationship, respectively.

"'waiting on nothing' is about a moment in time where you’re completely fed up with that person who has been dragging you along for far too long," says joan. "You’re desperate for air, and even though it’s your last resort, you know you need to stand up for yourself and tell them they either need to finally stay for good, or they’re not welcome in your life anymore."

They add: "We wrote the idea for this song a while back and kept coming back to it. It doesn’t quite sound like anything we’ve done before, but it just felt like a joan song. We worked on this song with our friend Emi Dragoi. After he sent us a chord structure idea for the bridge, the lyrics just wrote themselves ... it just feels like you woke up and realized it’s all going to be fine, and that life goes on. We hope this song helps you like it’s helped us."

Watch the video below.