Sally Boy & Hong Kong Boyfriend in 'Good at Being Lonely' video

After opening June with new music, Sally Boy is closing the month out with another new track.

He's teamed up with Hong Kong Boyfriend for a new track called "Good at Being Lonely." The bittersweet track is a such a jam, accompanied by a video, which also arrived today. It's directed by Cade Laranang and Nick Scully.

“‘Good at Being Lonely’ is about rationalizing the fact that you’re not with someone," the artists explain. "Not because they don’t want you, but because they’d just rather be alone.”

But even though this person is not available, these guys have got quite the persuasive argument to change the other person's mind: "I could eat your empanada," Sally Boy declares confidently. Whoa, buddy. How about you get your own pastries!

Watch the video for "Good at Being Lonely" below.