Julian Lamadrid in 'Patience' video

Emerging artist Julian Lamadrid returned this week with new music, heading into the weekend with his brand new single "Patience."

The shimmering new track arrived Friday with an accompanying video which features the 22-year-old Mexican singer and Variance favorite dancing against a vivid backdrop of changing colors. He also nods to his personal background by performing part of the song in Spanish.

“The song is a reminder to take it easy and trust in the universe," he says. "The first verse acts as an inner dialogue, a reminder to myself that luck isn’t involved in any of this, it’s all about patience and persistence. The second verse is from the perspective of my father singing to me, acknowledging my frustrations, and urging me to stay calm and keep dancing.”

Of course, that seems to be the perfect message moment for this moment.

Watch the video for "Patience" below.