Emma Marie Jenkinson

Michael Milosh (aka Rhye) is back with a new song.

On Thursday, he released his spellbinding new single "Helpless," which is accompanied by a video directed by his partner Genevieve Medow-Jenkins. It follows his other recent song "Beautiful," which was released back in May.

"Helpless" is said to focus on love in its most intimate and romantic form, with Milosh projecting the desire to "write a million love songs," not as a grand gesture but as an everyday promise. 

“The video for ‘Helpless’ evokes our earliest memories of being young and dreaming up what love and joy could look like,” says Milosh, with Medow-Jenkins adding: "Creating art like this video, made with our closest friends, has been the greatest joy of our quarantine. We hope it can inspire you to dream what love and joy can look like for your life now: through friendship, family, or a perfect stranger.”

See the new video below.