Emma Marie Jenkinson

Michael Milosh (aka Rhye) has shared a tender new track called "Beautiful."

In conjunction with the single's release, Rhye is offering a limited edition Box of Beautiful care package which includes a tote bag, a custom scented candle by Joia, a vegan leather embossed notebook and pen, a postcard, engraved selenite and a bandana. According to a press release, more news is coming soon.

"As we all share in this collective crazy moment that is quarantine, there are many ways to deal with the isolation, many ways we can truly fall into ourselves,” says Milosh. “For me, celebrating the beauty that is my partner has been a huge inspiration for me and a saving grace. Beauty is something we truly need to be open to in this moment. Find it in music, art, your loved ones, or yourself."

Hear "Beautiful" below.