Johan Lenox, Image courtesy artist

After releasing his Everybody's Cool But Me EP over the summer, Johan Lenox is capping the year with his new song "No One Wants to Dance Anymore."

The new track, which is another all too relatable cut, is a collaboration with Yung Pinch. And like much of the music he's released this year, most of which was included on the aforementioned EP, this new one seamlessly captures young angst and the worries of those caught in between.

"Everybody got girlfriends / And some other got husbands," Lenox laments on the new track, continuing: "All I got here is nothing / And no one wants to do fun shit." 

In a note about the song, Lenox says: "Sometimes it feels like no one wants to have fun lately. I don’t know if that’s because people are growing up and our lives naturally take us in different directions, or if it’s because we live in uniquely stressful times where everyone's struggling to reach adulthood, taking multiple jobs or moving back into their parents’ basement ... In general I think it’s just a lonely time to be coming of age in America right now."

The new song is the formerly indie artist's latest release via Island Records. And as we previously mentioned, it follows a busy career working extensively behind the scenes, producing for the likes of Travis Scott, Kanye West, Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign, Teyana Taylor, Nas, Vic Mensa, Alessia Cara and more.

See the video for "No One Wants to Dance Anymore" below.