Lara Kaur

Ahead of a long holiday weekend, Oakland singer ASTU is treating fans to a delectable new single "G 4 U."

The new track arrived Friday, premiering on Variance with an accompanying set of visuals co-directed by Lara Kaur and Amanda Beane. It finds the R&B artist celebrating the end of summer with confessional and intimate lyricism over faint, lo-fi synths.

"'G 4 U' is an ode finding love in a woman but it also serves as a mirror," says ASTU of the new song. "It's about reaching a place within myself where I could peel back the layers and really see myself—and surprise, surprise—I found something beautiful. My music has always served me as a tool—a tool to face my fears and look at the ugly in order to get to the beauty."

She adds: "'G 4 U' in particular is really special to me because it came out of a really dark time. Unlearning the boundaries of my strict Christian upbringing has been a long journey and is no where near over but I'm grateful I can share that journey with my fans [and] listeners along the way."

"G 4 U" follows ASTU's 2018 Patterns EP. And as we previously mentioned, she also appeared in fellow Bay Area act TRKRNR's video for their single "No Summer Days."

See the video for "G 4 U" below.