Image from 'No Summer Days' video

As chilly nights turn into warmer, longer days, Bay Area duo TRKRNR (pronounced "Track Runner") is here with the perfect new single, titled "No Summer Days."

Featuring fellow Bay Area artist Trailer Limon, the new song is out now and the video has arrived as well. Made up of childhood friends Saul Vallens (Allen Valenzuela) & instrumentalist-singer Gyrefunk (Vincent Czekus), TRKRNR teamed up with directors Pablo Circa and Amanda Beane for the newly released clip, which offers glimpses of a house party hosted by Oakland singer and Variance favorite ASTU.

"How this video came together was out of pure love and joy for community," says TRKRNR of the video. "We wanted this video to represent the Bay Area’s rich culture of beauty and diversity, as well as feature some amazing local artists. The title is 'No Summer Days' because in the Bay, we function regardless of the season."

We're obsessed with this track. Check out the video below to find out why.