Julian Lamadrid in 'Die Young' video

After releasing his standout new single "Neon" earlier this month, Julian Lamadrid is already back with another impressive track.

His new song "Die Young" arrived today with an accompanying video which he self-directed. It's clearly an homage to '80s synth-pop and at times sounds eerily reminiscent of a time decades in the past. 

"Every aspect of ‘Die Young’ grows and gradually drifts into insanity," says Julian, acknowledging the darker angle of the track, which is twisted and haunting but absolutely riveting. "My demented auto-tuned vocals steer into anger and chaos as I lose control. The intensity of the music climbs until finally we are presented with the true meaning, ‘I know you wanna burn, burn, burn, like a fabulous yellow Roman candle, I know you want to live fast and die young, but just hold on tight for one more night, cause I need you baby.'"

As we previously mentioned, 21-year-old Lamadrid was born to Mexican expats in Dubai. When he turned 18, he moved to New York and went to New York University, writing and producing along the way. Both "Die Young" and "Neon" are off his upcoming album Mala Noche, which is coming later this year.

See the video for "Die Young" below.