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It's a busy Friday for new music, but one release which shouldn't be overlooked is Los Angeles-based outfit WYO's new single "Moonlight."

The track is officially out today with an accompanying video, which is premiering today on Variance. And by "video," we mean, a stunning set of visuals. It's part music video, part science fiction flick, part western thriller. 

If Kanye West's 2018 YE recording sessions and album release in Wyoming weren't enough to convince you there's a wonderland out there, this new video, shot at 3 Spear Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming using a DJI drone, will surely give you an eye-catching glimpse of the least-populous state in the union.

"When we first started to conceptualize the video for 'Moonlight,' the night sky easily came to mind," says WYO frontman Andy Sorge, whose hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming inspires much of their music. "The song references a couple escaping into the night, away from the light of day, and the stars became a theme throughout the video."

He adds: "We wanted to stay true to the lyrics of the song by showing visuals that match the moments sung about. We aimed at creating a desolate and ominous world. I heard that a friend from school, Creed Garnick and his wife Sascha, who are both actors from Wyoming, were living in Dubois and running an art ranch called 3 Spear Ranch, so we connected with them about the video and filmed 'Moonlight' in this remote area under the stars." 

"Moonlight" is from WYO's upcoming album Changes and following the song's release today, they have a free show scheduled for Feb. 18 at LACMA in Los Angeles.

See the video for "Moonlight" below.