Kelly Victoria

After the dead-end year that was 2020, this year is turning out to be quite the opposite for Coma Culture.

Following a string of singles, the band helmed by Young the Giant's Eric Cannata and Francois Comtois alongside producer/songwriter Jon O’Brien is releasing their debut album Camouflage on Friday (June 25), but they're premiering it a day early on Variance.

"Camouflage was written over the course of many years and assembled during a strange and transformative time in all of our lives," says the band in a note about the new record. "Recording, mixing and living with these songs helped to keep us grounded, even as the world seemed to be falling apart. We hope people can find joy, comfort and solace while listening to this album the same way we did while making it."

Kelly Victoria

And that's exactly the result. From start to finish, the album is brimming with emotion yet also a sense of calm and security (literally, the last 38 seconds of "Hotel" are like medicine for an anxious mind.) Perhaps it's the perfect soundtrack for a post-pandemic world.

Hear Camouflage below.