Kelly Victoria

After releasing their new single "In Love" late last month, Coma Culture is sharing an accompanying stop motion lyric video for the track.

This is only the second song from the band comprised of members of Young the Giant, and the video is premiering today on Variance. The clip was helmed by Jordan Rundle with the artwork by Jasmine Parsia. The song is the next preview off the newly formed outfit's upcoming debut album Camouflage, which is out on June 25.

"We wanted the artwork to be as vibrant and energetic as the song sounds," says the band, which is made up of Young the Giant's Eric Cannata and Francois Comtois alongside producer/songwriter Jon O’Brien. "The song is a celebration of love and the bliss that accompanies it. Jordan Rundle was able to bring those feelings to life through stop animation and bright colors.”

Rundle adds: "Continuing the visual language established by the previous self-titled single, and taking primary inspiration from Jasmine Parsia's lovely artwork, the lyric video for 'In Love' is meant to express the electric, gleeful energy of a new romance. Those feverish weeks pass by in seconds, and everything feels like it's in bloom."

Watch the clip below.