Frank Ocean Hints at Big Plans for 2018

Photos courtesy i-D

Frank Ocean seems to be suggesting he has big plans for next year.

As part of his appearance on the cover of the new winter issue of i-D magazine, Ocean shared a 32-page visual essay documenting his summer experience. 

"Summer two thousand and seventeen," he wrote. "We leaned into it. Bananaberry flavored candies at the bottom of the cup. I'll never know why or what's with campouts for Szechuan sauce at McDonalds. But I'm way into it. Issa Dreamworld. If you liked two thousand and seventeen then you'll love two thousand and eighteen."

While he doesn't explicitly say what he's referencing, it's worth noting he spent the spring and summer months of this year releasing a series of one-off tracks and performing a handful of festivals. So he seems to be indicating his 2018 plans may somehow exceed 2017.

Elsewhere in the essay, Ocean talks about the power of saying "yes" and his thoughts about turning 30, as he'll celebrate his 30th birthday this Saturday, Oct. 28.

See the full feature here.