Is Frank Ocean about to release new music?

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Could we be about to hear new music from Frank Ocean?

Possibly—if his latest activity on Tumblr is indeed a hint of an upcoming release and not just a random hack job. "March 1st ... SOLANA + KL + ANDRE. HERE FOR THE BEANS," read an update posted on Tuesday, which was followed by other suspicious updates, one promising to link to a "legit" Frank Ocean song while linking to the Instagram account of someone in Poland.

While the posts have since been deleteed and it's likely Ocean's account was simply hacked, some fans have pointed out the singer is actually following another Instagram account named @here.for.the.beans. But this latest possible disappointment also comes as Ocean recently shot down rumors his visual project Endless would soon be released on streaming platforms.

It's worth noting, Ocean had promised to make five albums before turning 30 last year. And he previously suggested he kept his promise but he "just ain't put that bitch out," perhaps an indication he's sitting on a trove of unheard material.

To add to the speculation, last month, he also shared a clip of his cover of SZA's hit "The Weekend."