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As they prepare to release their debut album, Canada's Ocean Potion has released a glowing new single in the form of "Lights Out."

Comprised of Mike O'Brien and Jason Haberman, formerly of Zeus and Yukon Blonde, respectively, the duo has expanded to a four-piece for their upcoming live shows, but first they've shared the hypnotic new song.

"Many of the songs would begin with a recording that Jay made in his home studio. I would then write words and vocal melodies to fit with what was already there," said O'Brien of the new release. "Then we'd get together and experiment with different sounds and textures until it felt right. The mixing process was also very key to the eventual sound and feel of the songs. Jay spent countless sleepless nights while battling an overworked hard drive to get the songs where he wanted them. Every time he would send a new mix the song would seem to take on a whole new colour, which was an exciting process."

The track is off the band's self-titled debut LP, which is coming this Friday. For now, hear "Lights Out" below.