Samy Khabthani

Icelandic newcomer David Ólafsson (aka DAVID44) is launching into the weekend with the release of his new single "Truth."

Now based in Denmark, it's the latest of just a handful of songs to his name, but "Truth" is a glowing offering and a technically the first single off his debut album, which is expected to arrive next year.

The song is said to be about self-image, inspired by "dangerous thoughts" of not believing in yourself or accepting yourself for who you are.

"It's about speaking the truth but also how reality and words can be twisted by the one hearing it," says Ólafsson of the new song. "It's about having a misunderstood self-image, not believing in yourself or accepting your true self. These can be very dangerous thoughts and I wrote 'Truth' to boost the missing self-esteem."

Take a listen to the track below.