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Aussie collaborators CVIRO and GXNXVS (pronounced "Cairo" and "Genius") have released their first joint EP.

Titled Now You Know, the six-song project includes the duo's previously released cuts "Caught Up," "Twisted" and "Sober." And like those offerings, the EP finds the two artists reveling in West Coast-inspired R&B and nostalgia.

"[This] is us showing the world where we're coming from, and where we're going—sonically, lyrically, stylistically," the longtime Variance favorites said of the new release. "It's a statement of intent—to the people riding with us—Now You Know we'll never let you down. And to the people who aren't fucking with us, well Now You Know that we're not going to stop."

They added: "The EP is all about contrast ... It's nostalgic, but modern. The lyrics are melancholic, but the beats want to make you dance. Life isn't one-dimensional, and neither is our music.

Hear the full EP below.