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Newcomer Bad with Phones has quietly dropped one of this weekend's best releases with his debut Bang Bang Chicken EP.

The London and Berlin-based artist-producer, who also describes himself as a dog enthusiast and food critic, first nabbed attention back in April with the release of his debut single "Needles." And like that cut, the newly released EP is a largely experimental effort.

"Bang Bang Chicken is what happens when the brains down at BWP HQ collide," says the artist about the new music. "They sit down in the boardroom and decide what’s next—that’s when they’re not making piña coladas for everyone in the office, of course."

The three-song project revels in minimalism, from gentle synths and whispering vocals on opening track "Kiss the Matter," to the delicate storytelling on "Home," which is based on his troubled childhood. It's capped by "Walls," an equally fragile offering, which is anchored by a repetitive guitar loop, allowing the vocals to be front and center.

This one is definitely worth the listen. Hear the EP below.


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fml this is mad crazy like foreal thought damn is music finally getting better now fuckkk this is actually
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