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After spending the past few months teasing their debut project, Canadian duo Garçons have released the seven-track set, titled Body Language.

Arriving Wednesday, it includes the band's infectious debut single "Numba One," which was released in May, as well as their previous standout "Little Things," which was accompanied by a video inspired by Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel.

Made up of singer-songwriter Deelo and producer-director Julian Strangelove, Garçons met in 2014 but only last summer began collaborating on music, spending a month writing the new EP in Strangelove's Ottawa apartment.

"We both love embracing the things that make us human, and we love to talk about that in the music," the dup said in a note today. "Hopefully, you can find something within the songs to relate to. And if it makes you smile, dance, laugh or cry—then we feel like we’ve accomplished our goal."

The pair, which draws inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean and Pharrell, seamlessly fuses funk, soul and R&B. And it seems this is only the beginning for them.

Hear the Body Language EP below.