Image from 'Numba One' video

Singer-songwriter Deelo and producer-director Julian Strangelove (aka Garçons) are making quite a first impression.

The Canadian duo, who first met in 2014 but began making music together last summer, have released a video for their debut single "Numba One," which is definitely an earworm.

The pair draw distinct inspiration from the likes of Pharrell and Q-Tip, with Strangelove's tropical, soul-meets-reggaeton beats grooving under Deelo's stirring vocals.

"There wasn't a goal, we just wanted to make good music," says Strangelove of the duo's decision to start working together. "At the end of the day, the music is really all about embracing uniqueness and the things that make us human—love, nostalgia, euphoria, insecurities, lust, boredom, etc."

"Numba One" is from Garçons' upcoming Body Language EP, a project which was written over the course of a month in Strangelove's apartment in Ottawa.

The video, which was directed by Strangelove, can be seen below.