Photo: Gatewood Creative

Sam Spiegel's is back with his first music in two years.

The Grammy-nominated producer, DJ and director, who has previously worked with the likes Kanye West, Childish Gambino and M.I.A., has now teamed up with Anderson .Paak and Doja Cat for his new song "20 Below."

After walking away from N.A.S.A., his collaborative project with Brazilian DJ Zegon, Spiegel signed with Interscope in 2016. But according to him, the label "held me from releasing any new music."

In a new letter to fans, he said: "I’m finally free of my deal with them, and I have so much music that was sitting around waiting to be released. The music was made over such a long period of time—some of it even when I was still using the N.A.S.A. moniker—that it lacks a cohesive idea that threads the songs together to make it work as an album project."

With about 20 songs in the bank, Spiegel plans to release each of them "one-by-one over the next two years as singles." They'll subsequently be released as. collection aptly titled Random Shit From the Internet Era.

Hear "20 Below" now: