Photo: Reuben Moore

Aussie music-maker Georgia Flipo (aka G Flip) is continuing her steady rise with the release of her new song "Killing My Time."

It's only her second single, but it's another winner, even if the background for the track is more bittersweet. According to the artist, it's inspired by a girl she was previously seeing.

"My bedroom is my studio and she only wanted to stay in bed and make love all day," says G Flip about the new song. "It was hard to escape and be productive, so I inevitably ended up breaking up with her because I wanted to focus. It was fresh on my mind once I sat down to write this song. She was 'Killing my Time.'"

The new song arrives just ahead of G Flip's performance this weekend at The Great Escape festival in England. It follows her standout debut single "About You," which is as equally irresistible. 

Hear "Killing My Time" below.