Image by Dan Abramovici, courtesy artist

After over a decade in the music industry and taking time away, electronic artist-producer Jesus Cmplxx is ready to share new music.

Now releasing his music independently, the Toronto-based artist is first unveiling his debut single "SUVI," which is premiering today on Variance. It's a lush, intoxicating four-minute cut featuring vocals from Chloe Charles and Geoff Willingham.

Revealing the vocal recordings were the first takes, Jesus Cmplxx tells Variance he "wanted to channel the 'guttural' feeling of pain during a breakup." He notes it eventually became a duet when he considered "how the same lyrics sung by a man would give a different context ... just due to the nature of the tone of a man vs woman voice."

Having previously been at Sony Music working with a roster including John Legend and Destiny's Child, and then landing a deal with Capitol Records, he later became disenchanted with the industry and quit to focus on his own art.

With "SUVI," it's clear he has plenty of reason to be back.

Hear the enamoring new song below.