Photo courtesy artist

Los Angeles singer WENS has released a new gem called "Life."

The hypnotic new track, which arrived Wednesday, is the latest from the emerging songstress, who first drew attention earlier this year with her stunning singles "Bleed" and "If," the latter of which was released back in May.

"I had just made the decision to not go to college, but instead pursue music. Every other day I felt like I was making the wrong decision," explains WENS of the new track, which she wrote in London. "It was almost like my subconscious was writing the song for me. Basically helping me understand my decision was and is right for me and to not think about it too much. I sort of overthink everything, so this was my new anthem to live by. At the end of the day there’s so much other fucked up shit going on in the world the last thing to worry about is whether or not I go to college."

"Life" is the latest preview of WENS' upcoming debut EP. Hear it below.