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Russ decided to let the music do the talking on Wednesday with a fiery new single "Think Twice."

On the Scott Storch-produced cut, Russ laments having held his tongue about "so much fake shit" and then blasts "rappers sending subtweets" and those "still asking for some leg room." He also directly references his beef with Joe Budden.

The song arrives as Russ is celebrating news this week that his recent debut album There's Really a Wolf has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Back in the spring, his singles "Losin Control" and "What They Want" were certified platinum by the RIAA.

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"Think Twice" also comes as Russ on Monday caused a stir when he shared a photo of himself wearing a shirt with the words, "How much Xans and lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a fucking loser?"

Some criticized the rapper for being insensitive to those who are struggling with addiction, which prompted Russ to try clarifying that he wasn't necessarily taking aim at addicts but the glamorization of drug use, pointing to those "doing Xanax and lean cuz your favorite rapper makes it sound cool."

On "Think Twice," Russ directly addresses the controversy, candidly calling out other rappers: "You the one who got kids OD'ing tryna be like you / and I'm the bad guy for calling it out."

Hear "Think Twice" below.