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From singing demos on Soundcloud to now, having released her third studio album, Songies, indie-pop singer-songwriter PYNKIE is showcasing her talents on her latest album. With her introspective lyrics, she creates a sonic world that is both captivating and nostalgic. Songies is a testament to her growth as an artist and her ability to craft compelling and unique indie-pop music. 

With each song, PYNKIE invites listeners to immerse themselves in her dreamy world of shimmering melodies and heartfelt emotions. Whether you're a fan of indie-pop or simply enjoy well-crafted and introspective music, Songies is an album that should not be missed, as PYNKIE's talent and artistry shine through in every track, making this album a standout in the dream-pop genre. Compiled with pleasing synthesizers, catchy and unusual time signatures, and stirring melodies, Songies proves to be one of PYNKIE’s most unique and compelling bodies of work as for dream-pop records of 2023.

Songies (by my definition) are songs that are relatively short, sweet, and to-the-point; they have an element of weirdness, while also being very song-like (i.e. the classic pop structure). The element of weirdness I’m referring to could be an unpredictable chord change or melodic choices, the use of alt guitar tunings, or playing with unusual time signatures. All of those songwriting motifs are present throughout the record." 

Overall, PYNKIE's music is a charming blend of indie-pop, dream-pop, and lo-fi aesthetics with her dreamy soundscapes. Be sure to stream Songies on all platforms as well as follow PYNKIE on Instagram and Twitter for more updates and music releases as she continues to evolve and share her unique sound with the world.