Brent Faiyaz, photo courtesy artist

Following the release of his single “Fell In Love” with Marshmello, The DMV’s Brent Faiyaz has linked up with Coco Jones on his latest single, “Moment Of Your Life,” produced by Mannyvelli, Sparkheem, and Dpat. The song is a sensual ode that in itself exemplifies lustful yet romantic melodies towards one another with lascivious intentions. In that aspect, Faiyaz and Jones collaboration with one another makes for an anthemic duet in which they both emphasize the feeling of embracing one another for a momentous encounter.

The production of the song features low-tempo rhythms that are assisted with acoustic chords, which bring traditional 2K R&B elements to the listener's ear. Rather than solely temptation, the song focuses on the anticipant feelings that each singer lyricized their emotions that are not only arousing towards one another but encapturing the sensual themes that both express towards one another. Be sure to stream “Moment Of Your Life” on all streaming platforms. As well follow Brent Faiyaz on Instagram and Twitter: @brentfaiyaz for more updates, news, and releases.