Travis Bailey

Max Drazen has had our attention for a while now, but today, the singer released his official debut EP titled Someday.

Out now on Field Trip Recordings/Capitol Records, it's a four-track project which includes two brand new songs, the title track "Someday" and the breathtaking "More (Like That)" as well as the previously released standouts "Swoop" and "Five Three," all of which find the singer making his mark as he foreshadows a mammoth career ahead.

“I wrote ‘Someday’ about a time that I believed I was in love," explains Drazen. "It’s the first chapter in a long story about a relationship that ended last year. I realized once we had broken up that I was never in love, I was just in love with our expectations. It’s hard because I think everyone goes into a relationship thinking it’s perfect and the person they’re with is perfect. But even if the feelings aren’t based in reality, they are still very meaningful."

He adds: "I wanted to represent those feeling in this EP, no matter how I feel about her now. So, I wrote these songs about that blind hope: about believing everything will be how you planned it. Because I still want to believe.”

Hear the EP below.