Tommy Nowels

Max Drazen has released a new song called "Five Three."

It's a celebration of the power of love, produced by songwriter-producer Rence. Today's release is also accompanied by a live performance video which sees Drazen giving a live rendition of the song from Malibu.

“‘Five Three’ is a song about the feeling of finding the person you’ve been looking for," says Drazen of the new song. "My goal was to make the song feel as big and euphoric as possible in order to match that feeling. It took us months to finish— at one point we even rewrote the entire chorus and redid all the production. It was super important to me that the song fit in a world of euphoria and bliss."

According to Drazen, this is also the first song off an EP which is said to be "years in the making." 

Hear the song and watch the performance video below.