Photo courtesy artist

As Sam Westhoff continues his latest musical chapter, he has shared his new song under his newly launched Haffway moniker. It's an electric offering called "East Coast."

While it's the third such release as Haffway, this new single finds him roaring back, as if he's finally found his voice as an artist—or perhaps just the confidence to share it. Lyrically, Westhoff also alludes to his religious background as he has done on past projects, but there's a distinct gravitas this time around.

As we previously mentioned, Westhoff, a musician and producer who has spent the past couple of years largely as a producer on other artists' projects, said ahead of launching his Haffway project: "I've been through many variations as an artist, but this is it for me."

Until recently, Westhoff was based in Tulsa, but last month, he shared he was relocating to Nashville. "I hope you love the song as much as I do," he wrote on Instagram on Friday following the latest song's release.

Hear "East Coast" now.