Photo courtesy artist

If you needed proof of the bright road ahead for U.K. artist SONGER, his new album SKALA is just that.

The infectious new project, which arrived on Friday, is a shining example of the hip-hop favorite's skillset, highlighted by singles "4:59," featuring D Double E, and "Golden (Soul Food)." The album also hints at SONGER's perspective in his current state and what to expect in the future as he leans into his next chapter.

"SKALA to me is about the evolution of my mindset and trying to enjoy the situations I am in rather than stressing about them," says SONGER. "Attempting to be more fearless and confident, making music that more accurately reflects the better state of mind that i’m in, whilst still acknowledging the setbacks. The name came from my dog, after having a conversation that dogs really might have the best life due to their ability to make the most out of nothing. I then used her name to create a theme of that mindset, relating it to my own career, and attempting to coin that as my own way of thinking.”

Hear the full album now.