Hadar Pitchon

New music Friday? Not for mehro! The longtime Variance favorite got a head start on the Friday chaos releasing his new album on Thursday.

The stunning, 12-track project, titled Dark Corners and Alchemy, had been teased for months, and today it's finally here. It's an emotional, vulnerable record, with a video for the newly released song "princes of melancholia" to accompany the full album. It also includes the previously released cuts “howling,” “like you’re god,” “pirate song,” “parasite,” and “pretty kids."

The album is described as being somewhat split into two "hemispheres," as mehro had previously suggested there was such a distinction. There is the "Dark Corners" chapter of pain and agony, while the "Alchemy" side finds transformation into something beautiful and breathtaking.

Hear the full album below and see the "princes of melancholia" video above.