Artwork courtesy Island Records

Swedish producer duo NOTD has linked with Kiiara for a new song called "What's with the Roses."

The addictive new single is reflective of a fling with someone who gets the wrong idea, as Kiiara sings: "You got me all worked up again / Pour gasoline on my heart again / You light a match, then go dropping it / This shit is hopeless, what’s with the roses?"

Of the song, NOTD says: "We're so excited for this song with Kiiara to finally be out. We've been fans of hers since we heard 'feels' and 'whippin,' so to do a song with her now is very special for us. Sonically, this record feels super fresh and was one of the first songs we made in the more rock/organic type of style.”

The song comes ahead of NOTD's debut NOTED…EP, which is out Sept. 9. It will also include collaborations with The Band CAMINO and Nightly.

Hear "What's with the Roses" below.