Daniel Alexander Harris

modernlove is kicking off the weekend with their new Oh My Mind EP.

The Irish outfit on Friday released their wonderful new project, which includes their standout tracks "Don't Wanna" and "Familiar," the latter of which was one of our recent "Big Obsession" selections.

We chatted with the group about their new EP.

Hear the project and check out our conversation below.

You guys have been getting a lot of love ahead of this EP. What does it feel like to finally be putting it out?

It feels amazing. This EP has been a totally different experience to monochrome blue. All the songs on that EP were written long before we made it, and the recording process was just the four of us in our practice room during lockdown. It was a very isolated experience. This EP has been the opposite of that; we wrote more as we recorded and we got to record over in London in some amazing studios.

What is the inspiration behind the title Oh My Mind?

I think everything we write is inspired by some kind of inner dialogue we have with ourselves, whether that’s positive or negative, and I think the title “Oh My Mind” comes from a place of being very worn out and drained by your own thoughts.

With “Familiar,” you mentioned brushing up against a R&B sound. How was it exploring new territory? Do you feel like you’ve had more freedom to break out of labels?

Definitely. I think that we’re in a great position to create whatever type of music we want. I don’t think bands can get away with just being one thing anymore; that kind of tribalist attitude towards music is totally gone within young people now. That’s what made it so fun going from releasing an indie pop song like "Follow You," to releasing something so RnB influenced like "Familiar." We don’t put any creative restrictions on ourselves, if we did it would be no fun at all.

It seems like the new EP is coming rather quickly after the previous one. Are you guys constantly working on new music?

Yeah, we never stop writing. It’s the one thing we do that we still feel we can do that's just the four of us. It’s a very therapeutic thing. Since signing to the label and releasing so much music, the band has taken a big step up and we all have a lot more work to do in terms of gigs, interviews and social media or whatever else might be going on, writing and recording music is what we love the most. It’s the one part of our band dynamic that hasn’t changed at all over the years and it’s very important to us.

What are you most excited about in the coming months?

Definitely our first headline tour. It’s been such a big dream of ours to go on tour since we started this band seven years ago. And now we’re actually able to do it. We can’t wait.