Daniel Alexander Harris

As a new EP looms, modernlove. is dropping the gems, now with their latest single "Familiar."

We're already hooked on these guys, but this new one will definitely get you. And that's why it's our latest "Big Obsession." It's all leading up to their new Oh My Mind EP, which is out July 29.

"'Familiar' is a song about seeing an ex for the first time after breaking up," says the band. "It’s about seeing them from across a bar with somebody else, having moved on with their life and the feelings that moment can evoke. It also explores the idea that we long for something familiar and comforting when we’re not in a very good place in our lives and that an ex can provide a temporary, albeit unhealthy, escape from that loneliness and anxiety."

They add: "We wanted to reflect that emotional depth in the sonics as well, this is the closest we've come to RnB chords on the keys for example. But also not lose that modernlove bounce, it's a pop song at heart." 

Check out "Familiar" below.