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We know Lizzo's about to drop a new album in a few hours, but please allow MORE&MORE to get a head start on the weekend with their newly released I'm Still Getting Used to It, the Tulsa-based band's debut project.

The five-song release has all the summery pop goodness you need, including previous singles "MORE&MORE" and "Decor" as well as the standout track "South," in addition to new songs "Thin Air" and "YEAH! WOO!"

As we previously mentioned, the group made their debut under their new moniker back in May, after previously performing as Beachfriends. The band is made up of longtime friends Brady Ballew, Jacob Hunter, Charles Spears, Jordan O'Dell and Liam Spears.

According to the quintet, they began recording this new project late last year and wrapped up earlier this year.

"Just about once a month we went into the studio with a new song to work on," they said. "This was the first time this group had worked in the studio late at night, which we think influenced the sound and visuals of this project."

As with the previously released singles, the full project was recorded at The Colony Recording Company in Tulsa, and it was produced by fellow Variance favorite Sam Westhoff.

Feel free to listen on repeat and enjoy.