Photo courtesy artist

You already know we love Alexander 23. He's long had us in the palm of his hand, and his new single "The Hardest Part" only further defines exactly why he is one of our favorites.

The somber, truly emotional new track is absolutely gut-wrenching and honest, a reflection of his undeniable skillset as a songwriter but also as a communicator. It's sure to resonate with so many who have recently struggled with loss or grief, but beware, it may also be a tough listen for some, as it is directly inspired by Alexander's own experience losing touch with a friend and then losing them forever.

"I guess the hardest part of getting old,” he sings. “Is that some people that you love don’t.” 

He says of the song's meaning: “I didn’t want to put it out. It felt wrong to commoditize grief, especially as so much of it wasn’t my own. I began to slowly send it to close family and friends, and the response was overwhelming to say the least. It made me reevaluate the song’s potential place in the world because it reminded me of what I have turned to music for countless times before, to feel understood when words and actions weren’t enough.”

The new song follows a string of recent releases and it comes as a preview of Alexander 23's debut full-length album, which is expected later this year.

Hear "The Hardest Part" below.