Photo courtesy Island Records

Today, we're getting a brand new collaboration from Swedish production duo NOTD and Nashville indie-pop trio Nightly.

On Friday, they shared their new song called "about you," which has actually been a few years in the making, and the result of working together from across the Atlantic, considering they live on different continents. But according to the two acts, the felt the connection "instantly," and the result is something spellbinding.

"'about you' is a very special song to us that marks a transition in our creative process, one that has been a long time in the making," NOTD tells Variance about the track. "A few years ago, we were looking for new inspiration, so we decided to DM a few bands that we were big fans of, including Nightly, and they actually responded and sent the topline for 'about you.'"

They continue: "Something instantly clicked in our heads and we started working on it right away. The whole thing was basically done in a few months completely over the internet, and we only met the Nightly guys in person a few months ago in Nashville. We love those guys and couldn't be more excited for everyone to finally hear the song that inspired our new direction.”

For their part, Nightly tells Variance: "When we wrote 'about you,' we started it as a ballad, then NOTD transformed it to live in their world, and we loved it instantly. It was crazy not even meeting the guys until long after the song was done, because they live in Sweden and we live in the States, but collaborating that way was a fun challenge.”

Hear the new song now.