Theo Cottle

Raised in Singapore, with roots in India and the U.K., 22-year-old singer/songwriter dhruv musically relates with listeners who’ve dealt with feelings of disconnection and recollection of relationships, coming of age, and dealing with thoughts of letting go as well as starting over on his debut EP titled rapunzel.

The 8-track EP can be described as bedroom-DIY mixed with dream-pop elements and also features his previously released singles such as his debut song “double take,” “airplane thoughts,” and his most recent release “stable life."

To further describe the meaning behind the project dhruv states: “rapunzel is a scrapbook I’ve kept during a really important few years of personal growth. The title is in reference to a lyric in the closing track, which talks about our childhood selves often being our least inhibited and truest selves. In many ways, I think this project is about me trying to find that version of myself.”


rapunzel features assistance from producers Sam Ricci, Frankie Scoca and Mat Ferraro as each track incorporates a dreamy rhythmic sound with ambient elements throughout its melody. As for what the future holds for dhruv, the expectations are nothing but great. To learn and stay up to date with releases, announcements, and more from dhruv, be sure to follow @dhrvie on Twitter and Instagram and stream his latest video for his new song “grateful” below.