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Just months after releasing his The Close / Le Réveil project, longtime Variance favorite Josef Salvat is back with new music. And a new album on the way.

The singer has just shared a new song called "The Drum," a glossy, assertive cut inspired by the passing of David Bowie and also a preview of Salvat's upcoming album Islands, which he confirmed this week will arrive on Feb. 18

"'The Drum' was written the day after David Bowie died," says Salvat. "His passing was both a melodic and lyrical inspiration. I’m taking a dig at certain people in my life but I'm mainly being shady about myself and my own self-obsession."

Salvat's upcoming third record will follow the release of The Close, which arrived this past spring, as well as his 2020 album Modern Anxiety

Hear "The Drum" below.